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We know how hard it is to trust strangers with our loved ones... so we asked our clients to help you feel a bit more comfortable- one Pet Parent to another!

Thank you Everyone!!

My name is Erin and my wheaten terrier Boo absolutely loves his stays with AJ and her gang. It's always hard to leave your dog when they are giving you the saddest eyes and sticking by your side, but AJ makes it that much easier. Within minutes of walking out the door, she has redirected Boo's attention and he quickly forgets that I even exist. AJ is always posting photos on Facebook and will often send a text with a photo shortly after I leave to reassure me that Boo has settled in. We have struggled with figuring out Boo's allergies over the years and AJ is always more than willing to accommodate different diets and medications. On longer stays, we also have AJ brush Boo to ensure he doesn't come back a matted mess with his long wheaten hair. Boo loves to run and swim, so the orchard couldn't have been a better fit. The thing I love most about AJ is she ensures that all dogs are comfortable and is adamant on their manners so that they don't come back misbehaved (I definitely can't say the same thing when Boo goes to visit my parents...). I couldn't be happier that I found Shady Orchard and Boo is always excited to go back and visit AJ, Sydney and Charlotte!

Rusty is an Australian Shepherd, the treasured hooligan of Janet & Leo Lefebvre! He cries in anticipation when we drive up AJ's lane, and sometimes, I'm afraid, he doesn't want to leave (!). AJ provides the BEST care with a focus on physical activity balanced with rest when needed, all overseen and directed by a very caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable canine expert - AJ. She can accommodate whatever diet you have chosen for your pet, and is flexible and open to the nutritional options that are currently available for dogs. The play areas at Shady are numerous and varied with swimming available in the dog days of summer. When we leave Rusty at Shady Orchards we know that not only is he being competently looked after, but that he's having a really good time, and doesn't miss us at all! It's nice to know that when we go on holiday, he does too! This video is when Rusty stole AJ's phone that was currently videoing, and shows AJ's patience and understanding of our best friend.

We are Wendy and Jon and Gracie the Jack Russel. We travel internationally a lot and whilst we take Gracie pretty much everywhere we go, there are times you cannot. We asked around as we wanted a place that felt like home, with personal treatment and no cages. AJ's was recommended as she encompasses not just a boarding house but also a training facility for dogs who need a bit extra. She immediately picked up on Gracie's behavior with other dogs and communicated with us constantly regarding her progress. Gracie has stayed with AJ up to a month at a time and being constantly updated with pictures and videos is incredibly important. We know that AJ's is Gracie's home from home, she is looked after, loved and enjoyed as if she is at home. She is under my chair as I write this and looks at me every time I say AJ as if she expects her to walk through the door. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who was thinking of boarding their dog in the Ottawa region.

Hi, My name is Amanda and this is our sweet girl, Lily. When we were choosing a place to board Lily we knew the place had to be: cage free, friendly, with lots of outdoor play time and somewhere to cuddle up safe and cozy at night. Shady Orchard meets all of these and then some! We had previously boarded Lily at other facilities and my husband and I never entirely felt 'okay' with it. We always felt a sense of guilt and knew that Lily was never at ease during her visits. The moment I met AJ and explored the Orchard I knew that this was the place for Lily. AJ is friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and above all LOVES dogs. I mean, REALLY LOVES DOGS. Lily always has a blast when she stays with AJ and more importantly for us, is visibly relaxed and at ease when we pick her up. I would recommend AJ in a heartbeat for anyone looking for a 'home away from home' for their furry loved one.

Hi! My name is Leslie and this is Flash, our standard poodle. Ever since Flash has been a puppy, we have only entrusted his care while we were away to AJ at Shady Orchard Dogs. We rave about her service, professionalism, and above all her love of dogs to all our dog owner friends. Flash loves being at Shady Orchard, playing in the pond and going for long walks in the woods nearby. Flash immediately perks up at even a mention of the word "AJ". I recommend AJ's services 100%.

My name is Rosemary and this my puggle, Hugo. I’ve been bringing Hugo to AJ for years and am completely happy with the service she provides. I travel often and can’t imagine what I would do without Shady Orchard. I can leave Hugo there and be confidant that he is well looked after and having a wonderful time. It’s like a second home for Hugo - or better he has so many friends there!

My name is Leslie and this is my crazy dog Ollie, a border collie/lab mix. He first came to visit Shady Orchard with his friend, Dunlop, when he was just a puppy. Ollie loves Shady Orchard! When we turn onto AJ's street, Ollie already knows where he is going and, by the time we turn into the driveway, he is all excited to go visit. It is truly a vacation for Ollie. He gets to play with all the other Shady Orchard dogs and gets lots of attention from AJ. There are large play areas for the dogs, even a pond and play structure for them. AJ is amazing with the dogs and treats them all as her own.

I trust AJ completely with Ollie and always recommend Shady Orchard to others looking for a safe fun place to leave their furry friend when they need boarding.

Hi, we are Cheryl and Craig and this is our Beagle-Red Bone Hound Lucy! Over the years we've struggled with where Lucy could stay when we travel until we found Shady Orchard. As soon as you visit you'll notice this isn't your regular kennel - the dogs have their own room with couches and beds where they can intermingle with each other or have alone time. They have loads of outside time, playing in the fenced (extremely large!) yard. Shady Orchard is the equivalent of a friend looking after your dog for you at their house and still providing all the love and attention they get at home, all with the added benefit of other dog-friends to romp and play and get tired out!

Our Lucy is completely comfortable at Shady Orchard and we highly recommend their services. AJ makes you (and your pet) feel welcome and secure in knowing they're in good hands - we also LOVE the FB updates and pictures while we're away. Without hesitation I let all my friends and family know of Shady Orchard.



Details coming soon!


Hi, this is David and Karen. Oakley, our Wheaten Terrier has been a regular guest of Shady Orchard for a couple of years now. We were looking for a home away from home for our puppy when we came across the Shady Orchard website. To be able to leave our little guy and actually enjoy some time away from home, we needed the following: The boarding had to be crate free, there had to be lots of time and safe space to run and play, and the dogs had to be friendly for us to know Oakley was having as good a vacation as us. Shady Orchard meets and exceeds all of our needs.

A.J. is one in a million, too. The fact that daily pictures and video are posted to Facebook allowing us to see how he's doing while we're away was icing on the cake for us. Oakley is always excited to get there and we almost feel bad when it's time to pick him up to take him home. Shady Orchard gets 5 out of 5 stars from us, and another 5 from Oakley.

Hi my name is Laura, and this is our standard poodle Trinity. Trinity was one of AJ's very first boarders, and she loves Shady Orchard. We call it her "her vacation home". AJ is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. My children always beg to go with me, in hopes that AJ will let them give treats to the pigs or walk down to the frog pond. Trinity has a health condition which is worse with stress, so she needs a place she feels comfortable and safe when we are away. AJ's knowledgeable and conscientious care makes us feel very comfortable leaving Trin (and her meds) for short and long stays.

AJ has the experience and dog know-how to manage a fantastic, safe, high-energy playtime. Probably the only drawback to leaving Trin with AJ is that Trin sometimes seems sad for a few days after coming home. She has so much fun "on vacation", we're a little boring in comparison!

Hi! My name is Kathy and my beagle PJ has been a very happy guest at the Orchard for close to 3 years.

I chose Shady Orchard for crate free boarding and the large fenced in areas... but mostly for AJ's love of dogs.


Details coming soon!

Hi my name is Karen and this is my Portuguese Water Dog, Finlay. Fin has been vacationing at Shady Orchard for 2 years and I am so thankful we found AJ (and Charlotte & Sydney!). I don’t worry for a minute while we are on vacation as I know Fin is getting the best care, great exercise, and lots of play time. I don’t feel any guilt leaving him because I know he’s having his own vacation and feels right at home. AJ is professional, attentive, and truly cares about the dogs she welcomes into her home.

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