Open by appointment: 10am or 2pm or 7pm

Shady Orchard Dogs

Fun, Friendly, Professional

Boarding at Shady Orchard (as easy as 1-2-3)

Step 1:  Email us and make an appointment to swing by with your canine friend for a 30 min meet and greet. These visits are usually scheduled on Sundays at either 2:30 or 3:15. We use this time as an opportunity to chat about your pup and introduce them to the environment and gauge their sociability with our resident dogs. While we assess your dogs, it is easier and safer to do so if there are no children present.

Step 2: After our visit (and once we all decide to go ahead with a trial stay) log in to ProPet to complete an on-line file for your pup(s) at and provide confirmation that your four legged friend is up to date on their Rabies, DHPP and Leptospirosis vaccinations, as well as a parasite control program (from April- Dec annually) recommended by your vet. 

Step 3: Drop them off for a complimentary 2 night (3 day) trial stay to gauge their comfort levels at Shady on their own. A morning arrival helps them settle in to their new environment a little easier, especially for young high energy dogs. After this stay, your four legged friend becomes Shady Orchard approved and you are free to book their next stay any time!