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Have a dog related issue or questions that you need to talk over? Want some tips, ideas or just a knowledgeable ear to help you flush out your feelings, frustrations, challenges or training goals? Maybe you just want some friendly company and human reinforcement while you practice walking your reactive dog? How about help walking multiple dogs, especially if one is reactive and needs special attention?

Send me an email! We can meet up (using Covid 19 safety protocols) for a walk or a back yard hang out with your dog and chat up some ideas and solutions! Just know that the Dog Support I provide is not necessarily about the mechanics of training your dog (trainer referrals available!) and is instead more of a holistic overview, paired with ideas and suggestions. Each owner and each dog and each specific situation is unique, so the purpose of brainstorming (with me) is not to tell you black and white what to do, or how to do it. Instead, it's a way of providing support and lending some fresh perspective, which can help you figure out what myths, preconceived notions, mental blocks and other trip-ups might be getting in the way of your ideal relationship and training goals with your dog. Regardless of what we end up focusing on, talking things out with someone who cares and is rooting for the best outcome always helps!

First in-person brain storming session is free for a limited time (up to 1.5 hrs)

Any follow up phone chats: $15.00 plus HST for up to 30 min. $25.00 plus HST for up to an hour (evenings and weekends only)

Future follow up in-person sessions up to an hour: $35.00 plus HST

Remember- it's ok to ask for help! We all need a little support and encouragement now and then, especially when we are striving to make things better!

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