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Shady Orchard Dogs

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About Us 

Shady Orchard Dogs is owned and operated by life long dog enthusiast, Adrienne PowellAdrienne (AJ) has been successfully boarding dogs and having fun since 2012. She continues to learn from every dog she meets, and is dedicated to ensuring each guest has a stress free and enjoyable boarding experience in her home. She also continues her education on the needs and behavior of our pups by following and learning from some of the best dog trainers and behaviorists in the world. She is currently taking karen Pryors online clicker training courses and is well versed in both Classical and Operant conditioning. Adrienne highly recommends picking up anything by:

Kathy Sdao

Jean Donaldson

Patricia McConnell

Ken Ramirez

John Rogerson

Susan G. Freidman

Ken McCort

Sue Sternberg

Trish King

karen Pryor

Susan Garrett

Among many others!

Adrienne's Crew:

Sydney is a 6 year old Lab/ Shepherd mix and a play time professional here at The Orchard.  Syd loves the challenge of adapting to another dog's play style and can usually be found leading the pack in a game of chase!

Charlotte is a 10 yr old Basset Hound who works as our Zen Babysitter. She brings calming energy and soothes newcomers showing them how relaxed they can be! 

Recommended by us:




Busy during the week? Want a safe alternative to dog parks? Erica and Andrew with Ferghus and Company have been providing professional, reliable dog walking services to clients in Kanata & Carp since 2008 on their private, fully fenced property. 

As over protective dog parent's ourselves, the list of people we trust with our dogs is extremely short, this is because it's rare to have been behind the scenes of a working environment and be able to maintain the same level of respect and appreciation for the care and energy a business puts into their work. Erica and Andrew are the real deal and every lucky dog who gets the opportunity, loves joining their gang!

Simply4Paws Mobile Groomer Andrea Davies is another person at the top of our list of fav dog people. Andrea is able to do any cut including scissoring and other specialized techniques with the convenience of bringing her services to you, so your dog can experience the comfort of their own home rather than the potentially stressful atmosphere of a grooming salon. Grooming is a highly demanding and somewhat thankless job- the dogs feel great with their new cuts and clean coats but the process isn't on their list of most desirable things to do, so they can give groomers a pretty hard time. Because of this no one knows dog language better than their hairdresser! Even though not many dogs LOVE grooming, with Andrea's love and professionalism she is able to make the experience pretty close to enjoyable;) Highly recommend her services!

                                                  Powell Automotive

 Not exactly pet related but definitely a boon for our business! Dan has been working on our work and personal vehicles for years, doing everything to ensure we have a safe and comfortable ride for our doggy guests!  He is absolutely the best in his field and can tackle even the most complicated problems while finding ways to get the best available prices. We are happy to have him!-:)

                  Happy Hound Dog Training

Marcia Scott was referred to us through several of our clients and we were excited to meet her when she volunteered her time and advice with one of our foster dogs! We were not to be disappointed, Marcia has a natural gift for communicating with both dogs and people and with this she is able to seamlessly bring the two worlds together with fun and productive training sessions! She also works hard socializing puppies through their critical learning stage. We have seen first hand how much socialization does for a puppy throughout it's entire life. A great example is how one of our favorite boarders, who happens to be a breed that is known for being more 'difficult' to train and socialize is a graduate of her puppy program and is one of the best behaved and sweetest dogs we know!

Leslie Yeow Photography

Leslie is one of our favorite pet photographers! Not only because he has  amazing talent but also because he has a true passion for photography and the animals he works with!  Leslie travels tirelessly photographing for local rescues, honing his already incredible skill with hours and hours of sits, stays and cookies and more than a few 'oops bring them back on set please!!' 's. His pictures are front line support for rescues as they are the most salient way to inspire adoptions (a nice picture of a rescue animal is often the only thing that gets them noticed and adopted!) If you are looking for a photographer that is fun, friendly and great at what he does contact Leslie!