Open by appointment: 10am or 2pm or 7pm

In-Home Dog Boarding

Fun, Friendly, Professional

B&B Style Boarding

Day-time Supervision

In-Home boarding allows us to spend large amounts of time with our canine guests- not only during walks but also during rest periods. They are welcome to follow us around the house or find a comfy spot to crash on their own- or even help us with light outdoor chores- whatever suits them!

Over Night Care

Our guests sleep with us! This allows us to provide our guests with early morning (5am) and late evening pee breaks. Furthermore, if they're feeling ill or any other emergency arises we're on hand to address the situation right away. 

Safe and Appropriate Dog Friends
Carefully screened guests and closely monitored interactions ensure that your dog makes best friends and enjoys every moment of their stay with us. (Although we fall in love with every dog we meet- our open concept style means that we can only take the most friendly and sociable candidates)


When you leave your best friend with us you can rest assured that we will administer any medications they need and provide stuffed kongs and food puzzles at no extra cost!